New controls module

The new SAV Control Commissioning Module brings to engineers responsible for setting up control of terminal units all the benefits already enjoyed by their colleagues in balancing system volume and flow rates.

By centralising the control sets for up to four fan coil units at the Module on site wiring is simplified. Only a single cable route from the Module to the BMS is required. Commissioning engineers can perform a whole range of tasks from a central point – making the whole process of bringing the system “on line” much easier and quicker.

Fan coil manufacturers will also benefit from not having to fit control sets as part of the manufacturing process. This task can be laborious and costly – it’s not unknown for controls to be exported to overseas manufacturers, only to be re-imported into the UK built into the fan coils!

The new Control Commissioning Module also makes the perfect complement to modern variable speed pumping systems. This energy-saving approach utilises 2-port valves, which are ideal for centralised, modular configurations.

All the waterside and fan speed controls for up to six fan coil units are housed inside the SAV Control Commissioning Module.

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