New controller for fan range

Fläkt Woods has redesigned the controller unit for its revolutionary intelligent control system, offering customers automated ventilation on demand, with an easy to use control interface. It also features improved connection and expansion options. The i3Fan intelligent controller optimises fan energy usage by adjusting power consumption to match system demands.

The new user interface has embedded software that is easier to use and understand. In addition, the hardware has been redesigned, enabling the users to combine it with other remote speed controllers and frequency invertors within Fläkt Woods e3 range.

A simplified control interface uses four buttons, which allow users to quickly navigate through options within the menu system. Parameters are easy to find and set as they are stated in plain English. Installation is fast and simple; as controllers feature  externally mounted gland connectors (fan unit and power wiring connections) and blanking plugs (for plug and play sensors), thus making it easy to connect the appropriate sensors and power supply. The controller is programmed to be enabled within an existing BMS system, or it can act independently.

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