New consumer units

Hager has launched a range of consumer units to meet the needs of the 17th edition wiring regulations.
Steve Dyson, Product Manager for Hager said:  “The new regulations will change the way that contractors plan and install the final circuits to the consumer unit. The easiest way to comply is to ensure that most or all circuits have RCD protection.  In addition they must ensure that circuits are divided and that not all are connected to a single RCD.
“In practice there are several different ways that this can be achieved in the consumer unit. These new boards give the contractor different options for compliance.”
The simplest way to comply is to install a board with a main incomer switch with RCBOs protecting all the outgoing circuits.  Hager has also introduced a new range of 4.5kA RCBOs suitable for domestic applications.  These boards are available with between 4 to 20 outgoing ways.
The second option is a split load board with twin RCD protection.  A dedicated 6A RCBO is used to protect the smoke detector circuit. 

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