New chiller from Armstrong

Armstrong has launched the Quantum variable speed chiller as a new addition to its HVAC range. The Quantum scores highly in all major specification criteria as it is extremely energy efficient, has very low maintenance requirements and is designed for extended long life. It has the lowest net installed cost in its class, and also offers the best lifetime cost – 43% less than a traditional chiller based on a ten-year calculation. Operation is also quiet and vibration free.

The Quantum’s outstanding energy efficiency performance is made possible by Turbocor centrifugal compressor technology. The variable speed drive provides maximum efficiency at all times – including at part load. The compressor design is also fully-integrated with digital control to optimise efficiency of the system as a whole, not just for an individual component within it. The control system features on-board communication and diagnostics.

The extremely low maintenance requirements of the Quantum chiller stem from its oil-free, magnetic bearing compressor design. The magnetic bearings keep the shaft properly centred and positioned at all times for extremely high reliability.

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