New cassette from Fujitsu

Fujitsu has added a new compact cassette for use with its popular range of multi outdoor units. Nominal cooling capacity is 2.7kW with heating at 3.3kW. Dimensions are 245mm x 570mm x 570mm (excluding the grille), and the unit weighs just 15kg.

The cassette is designed to be used with outdoor units AOYA18LAC2, AOY24LMAM2, AOYA18LAT3, AOYA24LAT3 and AOY30LMAW4 only.

The new ceiling cassette (AUYF09LAL) is available now from FG Eurofred. Full, detailed supporting documentation (Design & Technical Manual, Service Manuals, etc) on this product is available by visiting the Fujitsu General Members website.

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