New boiler matches budget

Viessmann has introduced its new Vitocrossal 200 range of condensing gas boilers. Available later this year and based on the established Viessmann designs, including stainless steel heat exchangers, the new range offers outstanding performance at price points which will fit the tightest of budgets. With gas prices rising ever faster, say Viessmann, the Vitocrossal 200 will enable users and their contractors to install a high quality, long lasting boiler at the lowest possible capital cost.

Including in the new boiler’s specification is the Viessmann pre-mix MatriX burner. These are dedicated to the boiler and give a wide modulation, down to 30% of output, lowest in class NOX emissions and noise levels as low as that of domestic boilers. Vitocrossal 200 boilers, with outputs up to 311kW, can be installed in pairs using the preformed flue and header kits, and then matched in up to four boilers to give total installed load of up to 1244kW. The stainless steel heat exchanger, (using 1.4571 specification steel) is self cleaning to ensure both long life and consistently high operating efficiency at 97% gross.

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