New balancing valve

The new innovation from FlowCon (Essco Controls UK agent) is its range of pressure-independent automatic balancing valves.

Offering one of the biggest choices of valves and actuators, the company says the range’s main attributes are that it achieves true balancing automatically adjusting for pressure fluctuations and provides significant savings on commissioning costs.

“There is nothing quite as compact or versatile as the FlowCon valve in the marketplace,” says Technical Manager Cordell Batten.

“The latest flow technology ensures these accurately balanced systems produce increased levels of comfort in cooling or heating applications.

“An innovative self-adjustment feature enables each valve to continuously self-balance. This delivers precisely the flow rate required by each terminal unit, independent of pressure fluctuations in the hydronic system.”

Each FlowCon cartridge can be adjusted to set an accurate maximum flow rate limit to each circuit. While an extended choice of cartridges means an increase in the flow range – now from 40 to 16,100 l/hr – using various cartridges and valve bodies ranging from DN15 to DN50.

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