New Apex Snake Tray

Up to 70% savings in installation times can be achieved using the new cable management system from Apex Wiring Solutions.

Apex Snake Tray is a versatile, fully integrated steel wire basket system that electrical contractors can quickly and easily hand bend and shape to accommodate on-the-spot directional changes, creating accurate cable turns within seconds rather than relying on traditional wire mesh cable trays, which can take up to 20 minutes to cut and form using tools.

Available in pre and hot dipped galvanised, stainless and powder coated steel, Snake Tray incorporates built-in mounting rings for direct fixing to surfaces and features a range of single or double tray pocket options for wall, suspended ceiling and under floor data and telecommunication cable containment applications.

The system can also be used as a riser to accommodate transitions from under floor to wall cable while wall mounted brackets can be incorporated for off-the-wall and overhead installations.

Different sections can be quickly bolted together in seconds using universal tray or inline connector bolts to provide strong and reliable mechanical and electrical connections.

Four options are available in the Apex Snake Tray range.


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