New anticorrosion tapes

MWA Technology is offering Anticor anti-corrosion materials for passive and active protection, and a large range of self-adhesive industrial tapes.

Anticor manufactures materials that provide stable and hermetic anticorrosion coatings for pipelines, tanks and similar applications.  This involves a three-layer protection including a primer, an anticorrosion layer and a mechanical protection layer, which provides effective operation for more than 30 years.

Anticor coating products can be used for pipelines, welded joints, fittings and rehabilitation of coatings in a variety of markets including gas and water pipelines and the civil engineering and petrochemical industries.  The systems include protection for welded joints, flange joints, socket joints, pipe bends, sealing of casing pipes and coating repairs. 

Anticor’s self adhesive Zinc Tape for overground pipelines, tanks, posts, pilings etc and Anticor Plast, a modern plastic material for fixture insulation, are also now available from MWA Technology.

The Anticor range also includes self-vulcanizing electrical insulation tape that once applied, transforms into a fully insulated and waterproof seamless covering.

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