New additions to range

JG Speedfit is pleased to announce additions to their Cold Water Services range of fittings. The new JG Speedfit Stop Tap range consists of five different sizes from 20 to 32mm and can connect MDPE to MDPE or MDPE to copper or PEX (Plumbing) Pipe.

As with all JG Speedfit fittings the primary benefit is that a connection is made with a simple push in action meaning no tools are required. A fast installation is guaranteed first time every time and, once made, the stainless steel teeth grip the pipe, giving a high resistance to pull out.

The fittings are easy to disconnect and can be used again without the need for replacement parts. Once the system is depressurised, the blue collect cover is removed and slid along the pipe, the collet is pushed square against the fitting, releasing the grip on the pipe.

The taps take less than two turns of the large handle to go from fully open to fully closed. This could make the difference between mopping up and an expensive flood.

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