Naturally enhanced assets

Levels of CO2 have risen by a third since industrial times and are expected to double in the next hundred years. Mitsubishi Electric examines some of the issues in its new CPD accredited industry guide, focusing on the Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme recently introduced by the Government as an incentive for businesses to invest in energy efficient equipment.
While transport in the form of cars is the most significant factor contributing to the building of CO2, energy use in buildings also plays a large part, with heating and lighting accounting for most energy consumption in commercial buildings. The ECA scheme allows for businesses to claim all of their tax allowances against energy efficient equipment in the first year after purchase – rather than spreading the allowance over several years.
“If a manufacturer wishes to introduce a new technology for which no category currently exists, the new technology must offer significant carbon savings over existing equipment,” said Commercial Director Donald Daw. “Proposals must include estimates of how much carbon could be saved if the product is used, including independent evidence.”
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