Mr Slim gets a buddy

Anyone involved in the sport of scuba-diving knows the importance of having a dive buddy by your side with a complete set of secondary equipment on standby for use should the unexpected happen, well this summer the Mr Slim range of outdoor units gets a dive buddy too, by the name of Duty-Standby.
Should the unexpected happen to the Mr Slim Master system, the Standby system will jump into action to save the day providing an almost seamless transition between the primary and backup system.
This new Mr Slim Duty-Standby function is particularly suited to critical systems such as IT Server rooms.
There is a Back-Up function so that if the Master systems fails then the Standby system takes over to provide continued service until the Master system can be restored to full operational status.
In addition the Rotation function allows the two systems to operate alternatively switching every 1,3,5,7,14 or 28 days, this time period is user selectable.
Finally the Join-In function ensures that if the Master system is unable to reach the set temperature in cooling mode, the Standby system can join in to assist.

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