Monodraught is sustainable

Monodraught has introduced a new range of Sunpipes manufactured using material that is made from more than 90% recycled aluminium which, says managing director Tony Cull, makes this already sustainable product even more environmentally friendly.

The new range was developed jointly by Monodraught’s research and development department and the commercial design team as part of an ongoing brief to ensure that the company’s growing range of natural ventilation and lighting technologies not only provide innovative energy-saving solutions for buildings, but are also manufactured from sustainable materials wherever possible.

Sunpipes, the natural lighting system that eliminates the need to use electric lighting during daylight hours, are acknowledged as one of the most innovative solutions to the problem of growing energy consumption. Now, they offer an unbeatable combination as the natural, energy-free and sustainable source of daylight.

Monodraught Sunpipes provide approximately three times as much light as similar conventional rooflights and the performance of the recycled aluminium units remains unchanged. The silver mirror finish is the same and will still reflect and intensify sunlight and normal daylight into the spaces below.

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