Mitsubishi Electric offers advanced control

Mitsubishi Electric has launched an innovative Wi-Fi interface which will deliver cloud-based control systems to both installers and end-users of air conditioning, with the real possibility of being able to monitor and control air conditioning units remotely via the Internet.

The company has reacted to the potential that the latest developments in cloud-based computing offers, which enables everyone from individual users to companies with vast, nationwide estates to monitor system use, spot potential faults and change schedules, loads and temperature settings.

The development of a Wi-Fi interface for its air conditioning and heat pump products has been coupled with a new dedicated service called MELCloud, to offer advanced energy saving features and controls with easy apps for either computer, tablet or mobile devices, which will allow for basic control and monitoring.

“We’ve just launched the air conditioning Wi-Fi interface for our split systems and will be adding others for our air-to-water heat pumps and VRF systems,” explains Sebastien Desmottes, air conditioning Product Marketing Manager.

“The interface simply needs to be installed near to the air conditioner or heat pump and builds a wireless connection between the unit and the building’s Internet connection.”


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