Mini-CHP lowers running costs

Baxi-SenerTec UK, part of Baxi Commercial, has played a major role in enabling the London Fire Brigade (LFB) to reduce its carbon footprint by 28% in six years. This dramatic cut in carbon emissions, which has also helped drive down running costs, has involved a variety of renewable and sustainable solutions, with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) as the lead technology.

There are Baxi-SenerTec MINI-CHP installations, comprising a CHP unit, condenser and buffer vessel, installed in over 35% of the LFB’s 112 premises. This proportion is expected to eventually reach 50%, excepting only those buildings without suitable space

Dachs mini-CHP engines are designed to operate for thousands of hours, delivering up to 440MWh of electricity and 1,200MWh of usable heat at a combined energy efficiency of over 90%. They will also reduce carbon emissions by over 100 tonnes during their operating life compared with conventional methods of delivering heating and electricity. “It is the most appropriate technology for energy intensive 24/7 buildings like fire stations, confirms LFB Energy and Compliance Manager, Lloyd Bentley. It is an ‘easy fit’ technology, which offers the bonus of free electricity.”


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