MHG hybrids combine heat pump and condensing boiler

The ProCon Streamline Hybrid from MHG Heating delivers reliable, low carbon heating through a combination of air/water heat pump and gas condensing boiler, complete with integrated control system. It can also be combined with a solar thermal system at any time.

The ProCon Streamline Hybrid is designed to automatically select the most economical energy source or energy mix and has the ability to adjust the bivalence point to optimise heat pump operation and energy savings. The heat pump offers modulation from 3.5kW to 10.2kW and the gas condensing boiler offers modulation from 7.7kW to 26kW.

Specially designed for upgrading existing gas heating systems, the ProCon Streamline Hybrid incorporates hydraulic decoupling of both heat generators so there is no need to change the existing system hydraulics. It is fully pre-assembled for ease of installation with only two refrigerant  lines to the outside unit, while the compact dimensions make it easy to locate in an existing plant room.

All units are supplied with a 36 month warranty for the entire unit and a 60 month warranty for the heat exchanger.

The ProCon Streamline Hybrid is one of a range of heat pump/boiler hybrid units available from MHG Heating.

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