MHG boilers provide warmer worship

MHG heating has supplied a ProCon HTP 150kW gas condensing boiler to Axminster-based Wesco Systems Ltd for installation at St Andrew’s Church in Colyton, Devon.

The ageing cast-iron boiler previously in use at the 11th Century church had been unreliable for some years and there were concerns that it could fail during the winter. Consequently, Wesco was asked to provide a suitable alternative.

“Space was very restricted in the boiler room so the compact, ProCon HTP boiler was ideal for this project,” recalled Wesco’s Tom Wallis. “It was also important to separate the new boiler from the existing distribution system to protect it from dirt in the pipework and radiators. The integral plate heat exchanger in the ProCon boiler meant we did not need to install a separate heat exchanger, saving more space and reducing installation time. The boiler primary side is pressurised and monitored by the MHG system pressure manager,” he added.

The ProCon boiler was supplied complete with onboard controls and weather compensation. The boiler controls were interfaced to the church’s existing control system, as staff were very familiar with this and found it easy to use.

The new condensing boiler also required an upgrade to the flue, so Wesco took advantage of the flexibility and ease of installation of MHG’s matched plastic flue system.

“The ProCon HTP boiler has given the church a reliable heating system that will deliver significant energy savings,” Tom Wallis continued. “We use MHG boilers regularly because their quality is second-to-none and the service and support is brilliant,” he concluded.

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