Merlin launches Infinium24

Merlin Power Management, the maintenance arm of the shentongroup, has launched a pioneering new concept in maintenance for the group’s innovative Powertherm CHP system.  Called Infinium24, the maintenance programme is a scientifically designed and monitored perpetual renewal protocol that constantly renovates and re-engineers components before their projected replacement date.

Based on the system used within the passenger aircraft industry to ensure 99.999% safety and reliability, Infinium24 promises outstanding reliability and optimum performance on an indefinite basis.  With Infinium24, Powertherm users are guaranteed their CHP system will produce the same level of energy savings they experienced when new, many years after the system has been fitted.

Merlin’s Internet monitoring software ensures that critical CHP operating data is continually logged, enabling trends and discrepancies to be noted. Following routine maintenance, every key component returned to Merlin’s factory is measured and analysed in detail against its original specification.   This process drives the ongoing assessment of all preventative measures ensuring that the customer, and the planet benefit from the economic, reliable and efficient use of resources.

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