Men Rock with Haier

Men Rock, manufacturers of a comprehensive range of luxury male shaving and grooming products and accessories, taking their inspiration from traditional, classic barber-type products, has opted for modern-style air conditioning equipment in their trendy offices in Farnham, Surrey, choosing to install a Haier Super Match Classic Power outdoor unit connected to a Haier Brezza wall mounted indoor unit.

The unit, supplied and installed by Trace Air Conditioning Ltd, provides a comfortable environment and temperature control for 6 people working within the Men Rock open-plan office area. When asked why this particular manufacturer was chosen over alternatives, Debbie Greenhill, MD of Trace Air Conditioning commented, “We wanted to offer our customer something new that was more stylish than the old system that they wanted to replace.  Also, having recently installed several Haier systems, we know that it is easy to install and easier to maintain than similar equipment from other manufacturers. For example, the filters are more accessible”. The indoor unit was mounted in a fairly central location, offering long-distance air flow of over 12 meters, ensuring everyone within the space benefits from the optimum indoor air temperature.

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