Meeting classroom needs

AM Series fan convectors and Freshvector perimeter heating systems from Dunham Bush are ideal for meeting classroom requirements for both energy efficient heating and ventilation. Models are also available for use with lower temperature hot water sources such as condensing boilers and heat pumps.

AM Series fan convectors incorporate a fresh air spigot to ensure pre-heated fresh air is introduced to the space at the appropriate volumes, irrespective of weather conditions. The same facility is also available for use with Avant-garde fan convectors, optimised for use with condensing boilers, and the recently launched LST range of low surface temperature fan convectors. Use of a fresh air spigot eliminates the problems associated with passive fresh air supply, which can be influenced by temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Freshvector combines passive, natural ventilation with the company’s Finvector perimeter heating system. Specially developed vents with motorised dampers and attenuators are fitted into the wall of the building, allowing fresh air to be drawn across the high level heating elements using the ‘stack effect’. As a result, the fresh air is pre-heated and draughts associated with conventional ventilation are eliminated.

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