Maximise system savings

Dimplex’s new EC-Eau range of heat pump hot water cylinders offers mains pressure hot water with eco-credentials, with low running costs, reliable hot water and fantastic flow rates, for a wide range of domestic and light commercial installations.

Manufactured from a high proportion by volume of recycled materials, the heat pump cylinders offer the same efficiencies as the rest of the ECEau range, with every aspect of manufacture and performance designed to minimise environmental impact.

Available in capacities from 125 to 300 litres, the range has been specifically sized to match the requirements of Dimplex heat pumps for optimal performance, although the cylinders are suitable for use with a wide range of heat pumps.

For heat pump systems where space is limited, the range includes heat pump cylinders with integrated buffer tanks; these are available in capacities from 125 to 210 litres, all with a buffer capacity of 75 litres.

The design features a corrugated heat exchanger to give a large surface area, maximising the transfer of heat generated from renewable energy to the stored water for optimised heat pump efficiency and reduced running costs.

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