Mastering the art of air

Now available from Powrmatic is a range of Powrmaster air rotation cabinet heaters designed to deliver high volumes of air at low velocity and low delivery air temperatures.

The Powrmaster air rotation heating system is ideal for large industrial premises, high bay racked warehouses, giving both rapid warm up and even temperature control within the workspace. Compared with conventional heating schemes like radiant heating or suspended warm air heating the Powrmaster range of air rotation heaters offers lower supply and installation costs, lower energy costs and lower long term maintenance costs.

Another compelling argument for the end user to update to an air rotation system is that these units qualify for tax breaks under the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA) and interest free loans operated by the Carbon Trust.   

The air rotation system is best applied in a 24 hour, seven day continuous operation. During periods when the building is unoccupied temperature can be set 8-10°C below the day set point operating temperature.

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