Marshall-Tufflex scores first with Wire Basket Cablelay

Wire basket Cablelay is the latest product launched by cable management specialist Marshall-Tufflex.

Designed specifically for use in the British manufacturer’s range of Fast Coupling Wire Basket, Cablelay delivers a quick and easy solution for specifiers and installers concerned about power and data cable integrity during installation and for the life of the system.

Cablelay provides an easy-to-install flat, continuous surface that protects from pressure points, kinking ridges, rough and uneven surfaces, sharp edges and protrusions.

For installations that are damp or humid, or where moisture ingress into cables is considered an issue, Cablelay provides the added benefit of absorbing moisture to prevent it from damaging data cables; speed and quality of data transmission can be compromised by water ingress.

“Customer demand identified the need to offer a solution such as Cablelay,” said Jeremy Dodge, Marshall-Tufflex’s Head of Innovation and Development. “Fast Coupling Wire Basket is, by its very nature, an incredibly swift system to install and we therefore needed a high performance matting solution that was equally quick to fit. Installers were requesting a solution that enabled them to comply, without concern, to both the data cabling specifications and the Building Regulations and Cablelay ticks both of these boxes. In addition, data cabling can absorb moisture due to an element of chalk in its plastic sheathing, which can result in impaired performance/data transfer. Cablelay matting removes this concern.”


Cablelay is available in two versions:

Cablelay Matting: a flexible and lightweight 6mm mat supplied in rolls that is quick and easy to install. Protects cables from pressure points and crushing which can damage the performance of a structured cabling system, and from sharp edges, snagging, protrusions and ridges to help maintain the performance of the cables. Class 0 Cablelay has excellent fire safety performance, complying with Building Regulations by passing BS476 parts 6 and 7 for fire propagation and surface spread of flames, thermal conductivity BS874 Part 2. Rolls are joined using Cablelay Tape which maintains the fire standard and prevents joint movement. UL94 Approved; FM Approved; DNV, Lloyds Register.

Cablelay Rigid: a rigid 3mm LS0H compressed foam, supplied in sheets that are lightweight, strong and flexible. Conforms to Class 1 (BS476 part 7), thermal conductivity – DIN52616; water absorption – DIN53495 1% average; vicat softening point – >73°C; dust and fibre free, CFC & HCFC free, formaldehyde free.


Both Cablelay Matting and Cablelay Rigid are available in a range of widths (60mm – 600mm) to match Marshall-Tufflex Wire Basket.

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