Marflow cuts commissioning times

Marflow Hydronics’ Single Station Balancing (SSB) methodology has been designed to provide a fast and effective approach to the balancing of variable volume fan coil and chilled beam systems. As such, it is a cost-effective and highly accurate alternative to proportional balancing, which is not suitable for variable volume systems.

Used in conjunction with manifold systems fitted with pressure independent valves, SSB uses a subtraction technique to identify problem valves. This is based on knowing the design flow rates for each individual valve and therefore, the total flow rate for that fan coil/chilled beam group.

Assuming all the valves are functioning correctly, isolating each valve will have a predictable effect on the total flow rate for the remaining valves. Where an unexpected result is observed it is a simple matter of elimination to quickly identify the valve that causes this, enabling the commissioning engineer to home in on the problem area.

In contrast, with conventional proportional balancing, the commissioning engineer needs to balance the entire system before problem circuits can be identified.

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