Manrose increase range

Manrose Manufacturing Limited has increased their popular low profile, modular ducting systems range. Totally unobtrusive, this system has significant advantages over conventional round systems and can be easily concealed when installed along the top of wall units, or easily hidden in ceiling voids and cavity walls. Designed to meet all current building regulations, this is one of the most comprehensive ranges of modular flat channel ducting provided on the market.
The 100 System has compact dimensions of only 110mm x 54mm and is suitable for applications requiring low extraction rates. Perfect for the ventilation of bathrooms and a toilet, its 5300mm2 cross section provides efficient ducting for short, straight runs. The 125 System, measuring only 204mm x 60mm is ideally suited for the ducting of kitchen cooker hoods with 100mm, 125mm or 150mm round exhaust spigots.
The flat channel cross section of 1200mm2 makes it highly efficient and able to achieve high extract rates. Other sizes in the range include 150 x 70mm, 220 x 90mm and for recessed applications the new 225 x 25 mm and 300 x 25mm.
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