Making the most of energy

To meet with Government legislation and combat high fuel costs, energy efficiency is essential for any modern business, which is why Schneider Electric has published an Energy Efficiency Application Guide packed full of recommendations and easy steps to help end users make the most of their energy.

As well as including product information and specification assistance, the guide recommends complete solutions to help ensure process, lighting and HVAC systems run at optimum efficiency.

Starting with detailing the legislative reasons for energy efficiency, the handbook then follows the four steps to achieving it; measure, fix the basics, automate, and monitor and improve, to guide users through the ways to reduce electricity consumption. 

Schneider Electric’s energy management expert, David Lewis explains: “The guide takes contractors and building managers through four simple steps to reducing energy usage starting with measuring energy use metering and energy audits and simple bill analysis, which can monitor the usage of the various installations, areas/rooms and different systems, such as heating and lighting, to identify where savings can be made.”

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