Make room for multi-splits

Now you can air condition more rooms with just one outdoor multi-split unit with the launch of 10.0kW and 12.5kW models for the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Inverter Multi-Split System. The new SCM100ZK-S and SCM125ZK-S outdoor units feature MHI’s latest technologies to provide high efficiency heating and cooling for five rooms. This extends MHI’s range beyond the previous maximum of up to four rooms of indoor units connected to an 8kW SCM outdoor unit.

MHI’s new 10.0kW and 12.5kW SCM outdoor units incorporate an array of advanced developments to increase energy savings and reliability. Nominal cooling capacity of the SCM100ZK-S and 125ZK-S is 10.0kW and 12.5kW respectively (12.0kW and 14.0kW in heating mode). Both models achieve the highest levels of COP in the industry for their size.

Innovations in the new higher capacity SCM outdoor units include MHI’s newly developed DC twin rotary compressor and a new ‘M’ shape fin for optimum balance of heat transfer and airflow. The DC twin rotary compressor with advanced inverter control offers highly efficient operation under a wide range of conditions.

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