Make monitoring easier

Delmatic’s emergency luminaire monitoring photocell is designed to test, monitor and log emergency lighting, relaying performance data to a PC for logging and pass/fail analysis.

Part of the company’s Metro emergency lighting test and monitoring package, this photocell is suitable for use with any light source and is mounted directly to the luminaire body – measuring the light through a hole in the body of the fitting. Alternatively, it can be supplied with an optical fibre light pipe to enable remote mounting of the sensor.

The emergency luminaire monitoring photocell offers a number of connection options to suit the needs of all projects, including individual connection, shared connection and connection via a DALI network.

When used with a plug-in Metro One Ten lighting control module the photocell connects via a 2-core cable directly to the device input ports at the module.

When used with hard-wired twelve output Metro Twelve Twelve modules and four output hard-wired Metro Four Four modules, the photocell connects to a shared 2-core cable which terminates at the Intelligent Device Input port on the module.

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