Make mine a Quinta!

Two Broag-Remeha Quinta 30 boilers have been installed at the new Timothy Taylor & Co Ltd Offices in Keighley. The Yorkshire brewer is renowned for brewing quality cask ales including Landlord, Madonna’s favourite pint and winner of more accolades than any other English beer.  K.R. Martin installed them alongside a Remtank SS180 hot water cylinder (holding 180 litres) with associated valves and fittings, and also a Rematic 2945 integral control panel within the boiler. 
Graham Atkinson of K.R. Martin commented on the choice of boiler: “We had previously fitted the Quintas at various authority school projects, and other locations for Timothy Taylor, and have had no problems with them”. The Quinta boilers were fitted as part of the new office build project which has been developed within the grounds of Knowle Spring Brewery, Taylors home since 1863.  The brewery remains in the Taylor family and is now the last independent brewery of its type left in West Yorkshire.
The Broag-Remeha Quinta 30 outputs from 5.9kW to 29.6kW and has an extremely high efficiency of 110% NCV at 40/30ºC. They are also quick and easy boilers to install with advanced boiler controls and very simple maintenance.

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