Major upgrade for FSA

Project manager’s hurleypalmerflatt recently completed the upgrade of the Financial Services Authority’s (FSA) 30,000m² office accommodation, known as RightSpace, at its Canary Wharf headquarters. 

The project included upgrading 720 existing Trox Fan Assisted Variable Air Volume (FATVAV) boxes that serve the air condition system.  It also involved validating the 15 year-old VAV boxes, recommending refurbishment actions and then carrying out that refurbishment work, which included changing the fans, the actuators that drive the blade open and shut, and other components as required.

The building remained occupied throughout the project and was undertaken in phases with FSA staff being relocated one to two floors at a time. 

Keith Sheppard, who is the project leader at hurleypalmerflatt, said: “This project represented a significant upgrade that will improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and help drive down carbon emissions.  These benefits were clearly communicated to all staff so they understood the need for the work, and they are also updated regularly about our progress to ensure disruption was kept to a minimum.”

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