Maintenance is key

Shorts Environmental offers comprehensive planned maintenance, tailor made to suit actual customer requirements, as the key to optimum performance of all HVAC systems.

“Incorporating planned maintenance into the lifetime cost of HVAC systems installations is essential if maximum energy efficiencies and subsequent lower running costs are to be achieved,” says Gareth Chappells, Customer Support Manager at Shorts Environmental.

Shorts Environmental is totally committed to first class quality installations of Gas Fired Absorption Heat Pumps and Chillers, together with all other renewable technologies to ensure the equipment operates to its maximum potential. However, says the company, successful high quality installation is obviously extremely important but only the beginning, if the full potential of the product is to be achieved.

“It cannot be stressed strongly enough that planned service maintenance is vital to maintaining the optimum efficiency of any HVAC system. It is especially important to take this on board given the current climate of rising energy costs, and a Government committed to radically reduce the nation’s Carbon Footprint by 2020. Inefficient plant increases energy consumption to meet demand and incurs higher running costs.”

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