Mainline channels into new option

Mainline has introduced the new C-Channel finishing option to deliver a far quicker install time, thanks to its surface mounted nature.

Providing the same sleek finish as the existing flush mount housing but as a surface mounted option, the new C-Channel housing significantly reduces installation time. It is equally ideal for use in homes, offices and schools where trailing cables or wrongly placed sockets can often pose a problem.

Working in exactly the same way as Mainline’s extensive range of housing options, the new C-Channel system makes it possible to deliver a seamless and stylish approach to power supply. By simply inserting a socket anywhere along the length of the Mainline power track and turning it 90 degrees to safely lock it in place, users can access power wherever the track is installed.

Natasha Jackson, Mainline Marketing Manager said: “In situations where time is of the essence, the C-Channel housing option really comes into its own. By simply fitting into position on the Mainline power track backplate, the new housing can be easily surface mounted, making access to a flexible power supply incredibly simple.”

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