Lumicom’s 100% record

According to the Environment Agency, Lumicom was responsible for 100% of Category 5 luminaire WEEE collections within two consecutive quarters of 2012.    It was calculated that within Q2 2012 Lumicom recycled 80.599 tonnes of identified Cat 5 WEEE and by the close of Q3 the figure had increased to 99.764 tonnes.

During a recent interview, Lumicom’s  Membership Recruitment Manager, Simon Cook,  reported that despite industry growth remaining fairly static, the company is very happy to announce that its 2013 target of 100 tonnes of recycled luminaires in a quarter has almost been achieved and signs show that the numbers are only going to grow.

WEEE Compliancy has been viewed with much scepticism since it was brought to force in 2007 but there is now overriding proof that Lumicom really does show significant returns by acting responsibly for its members. As the membership grows and more funds are raised through accurate EEE reporting, Lumicom aims to triple the amount of WEEE collected in 2013.

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