Low profile detection

The new Protec 6000PLUS fire sensor is an elegantly designed, low profile detector that blends unobtrusively into modern working environments. Combined with a talking sounder, it delivers synchronized, authoritative alert and evacuate messages throughout a building, enabling a more prompt and safe evacuation.

It incorporates into one discreet unit up to three types of fire sensor, an integral sounder with speech messaging, as well as a built-in high intensity LED beacon. Smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection can be combined in this single device, making it capable of distinguishing between smoke, steam or dust, and rendering it almost immune to false alarms.

The Protec 6000PLUS intelligent fire sensor utilises advanced discriminating algorithms for maximum reliability and reports back to the fire panel to provide stability, threshold compensation and optimised system performance. There are a number of variants available, ranging from smoke sensor only, to a model with all three sensing elements plus sounder, speech and strobe. Every device is entirely loop-powered and self-monitoring, constantly checking its different component parts. There is also a conventional bell sound included, if required.


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