Low glare luxury

Halers Lighting has launched the Halers Dimmable Low-Glare EvoLED, a fully recessed directional downlight that delivers a high performance light output, while dramatically reducing optical glare.

Combining a slim-line bezel with a deep 25mm black baffle, the Low-Glare EvoLED uses state-of-the-art lens technology to punch the light forward, while the directional output delivers the same 34 degree beam angle as the standard EvoLED but in a low glare fitting.

This luxurious specification results in high quality illumination without drawing attention to the source of the light, making it perfect for restaurants, hotels and other high-end installations. Similarly, the non-distracting fitting lends itself perfectly to theatres, art galleries, cinemas and museums, where it will not detract from the experience of visitors or performers. What’s more, the Low-Glare EvoLED is mains-dimmable on most leading and trailing edge dimmer switches, offering an even greater array of options for creating subtle lighting moods.

As with the standard EvoLED, it has been specifically designed to last 30 times longer than the traditional halogen lamp due to an innovative heat management system that dramatically reduces both maintenance time and costs.


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