Low energy lighting from Toshiba

The ubiquitous 50W GU10 Halogen has had its day! Energy hungry, short life and poor light beam quality are all elements that Halogen GU10 lamps cannot improve on.

The new Toshiba E-CORE GU10 7.1W now provides a low energy, long life solution to your GU10 halogen lamps with superb beam quality.

Generating over 355 Lumens, this lamp offers you the opportunity to reduce energy consumption by 85% without reduction in light output compared to a 50W halogen GU10. With dimming capability included, it will allow for even greater energy savings and allow you to control the light you need.

The high efficiency of this lamp (50Lm/W+) means that you can confidently meet the requirements of Part L and its compact, True Fit shape makes it the ideal choice for most applications.

The 40’000 hours of life compared to 1000 hour life of Halogen extends lamp replacement intervals dramatically helping you reduce your maintenance costs.


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