Low cost web controller

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new air conditioning web-based controller to replace the Baby GB-50 and offer users high level control and energy monitoring functionality. The controller is aimed at the more cost and environmentally conscious end users.

The new GB50ADA is the latest web-based group controller from Mitsubishi Electric and offers much of the functionality previously only available in the more advanced touch screen AG150A controller, but at a significantly lower price.

The new controller is compatible with the full range of Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioning products such as City Multi, Mr Slim and M Series product ranges. It also supports the latest Windows 7 operating system and can control up to 50 indoor units or groups.

“There are occasions where buildings do not require the full scope of advanced controls provided by the AG150A, and there are also applications where not having a touch screen interface on the controller provides a good level of security against unauthorised use, and this new model recognises both of these applications,” explains Philip Ord, Product Marketing Manager for Mitsubishi Electric’s range of air conditioning products.


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