Low carbon motorised impellers

Torin-Sifan has added to its portfolio of low carbon products with the launch of a range of energy efficient EC Centrifugal Backward or Forward Curved Motorised Impellers. Designed for a variety of applications including ducted ventilation, warm air heating; telecommunications cooling and building management systems, the impellers feature a low carbon 230v EC motor which is key to the range’s highly efficient performance. Torin-Sifan’s EC Centrifugal Motorised Impellers are also extremely versatile featuring on-board electronics with 0-10v speed control capabilities.

Core to the efficiency of Torin-Sifan’s low carbon range of products is its 230v EC motor that provides optimum efficiency. This is achieved through significantly reduced heat losses due to electronic switching that involves no physical contacts. The lower operating temperatures of the 230v EC motor and soft start feature increases the life of both the bearings and motor reducing wear and improving reliability. This technology is also infinitely speed controllable offering significantly higher efficiencies at lower speeds while ensuring the optimum motor performance and lowest power consumption across the speed control range.



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