Lochinvar’s solar guide

Lochinvar has produced a dedicated guide on the use of solar energy in conjunction with traditional gas-fired water heating systems.

The booklet gives in-depth information on specifying and installing bespoke direct gas fired / solar thermal hot water packages.  Featuring technical diagrams and charts, topics covered include basic design, components and system sizing, solar collector efficiencies and integration with commercial and industrial hot water equipment.  There is also a section on legionella control options and a full glossary of terms.

David Pepper, managing director for Lochinvar, said:  “We launched our solar packages in 2007, since when we have been working with partner company, Rayotec Ltd, who have been in the solar energy business for more than 20 years. The technology is still new in the UK and the industry in general is still on a learning curve, so we decided to produce this guide to assist specifiers and installers.”

Lochinvar is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high efficiency boilers and water heaters for commercial and industrial applications.  The company offers an extensive product range, including the EcoKnight, TurboCharger and EcoForce condensing water heaters.


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