Lochinvar upgrades EcoKnight water heaters

Boiler and water heater manufacturer Lochinvar has revamped its popular EcoKnight range of gas-fired, condensing water heaters and added a number of enhanced control functions.

EcoKnight water heaters are available in eight different models with hot water outputs ranging from 709 to 3,819 litres per hour based on a temperature rise of 50°C.  As circulating-type water heaters, they provide higher hot water recovery rates than traditional storage equivalents. This makes them suitable for a very wide range of medium to large commercial projects and some industrial applications.

Fast recovery hot water is generated in the high efficiency grade 316l stainless steel heat exchanger, which also provides superior corrosion resistance. The hot water is then ‘circulated’ to a storage vessel or a series of storage vessels. It is possible to install a wide range of multiple water heater and storage vessel combinations, providing maximum design and installation flexibility. This can be particularly useful in applications that have high hot water demand, but limited plant room space.

The EcoKnight range now also benefits from built-in SMART System controls, which gives the user a wide variety of control options without the need for a Building Management System (BMS). This can significantly reduce the installation cost; although the water heater can be connected to a BMS if required.

The SMART System controls provide cascade management of up to three EcoKnight water heaters as well as fully modulating pump control and a night set-back facility, which can also be used for a pasteurisation programme. The contractor or service company can also add their details to the full LCD display.

All EcoKnight water heaters benefit from a fully modulating pre-mix burner with  5:1 turndown and feature advanced gas/air ratio controlled combustion technology, which automatically adjusts fan speed according to demand.  Fuel consumption is, therefore, matched from 20% of load right up to full demand, which allows the water heaters to achieve seasonal efficiencies of up to 96.7% (as calculated under Part L of the Building Regulations).

EcoKnight Water Heaters also emit just 39mg/kWh of NOx, which means all models in the range qualify for the maximum three BREEAM credits available for low emissions.


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