Live demonstrations from Sabien

Sabien Technology will be featuring a live demonstration of its M2G intelligent boiler load optimiser, working with a boiler and BMS on the stand to demonstrate how significant energy savings are achieved by preventing dry cycling. Boiler dry cycling is caused when boilers fire to compensate for standing heat losses from the boiler without actively contributing to the building’s heating load, even when the plant is linked to a BMS or BEMS.

Sabien Technology’s M2G intelligent boiler load optimisation is able to recognise and identify dry cycling and consistently achieves energy savings of between 10% and 25% in a wide range of old and new boilers, integrating with and complementing other control systems. Typical payback is under two years.

Crucially, the M2G, which can be quickly retrofitted to the majority of low or medium temperature boilers, will not change the boiler’s designed set point. This prevents any impact on the building’s ambient temperature and any conflicts with existing controls, as well as avoiding any additional servicing and maintenance requirements.

Organisations such as BT, Lloyds Banking Group, Vodafone, Hampshire County Council, Defra, and the Environment Agency have installed M2G.

Sabien’s experienced personnel will be on hand to explain these issues further with visitors and discuss their requirements.

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