Literature outlines benefits

A new 12-page brochure issued by Polypipe Terrain has focussed the spotlight on the benefits offered by the Terrain HydroMax siphonic roof drainage system which the company launched recently. The high-velocity system offers an efficient and proven way to remove large quantities of water from commercial building roofs. It is part of Polypipe Terrain’s wider ‘Roof to River’ approach to rainwater drainage, collection and management which is also explained in the new brochure.

The brochure details the way in which the Terrain HydroMax system uses siphonic principles to literally suck the rainwater from the roof into small diameter pipes while eliminating any entrained air. Flow capacities up to ten times larger than an equivalent gravity-fed system can be achieved on roof areas of 1,500m² and above. This makes the self-cleaning HydroMax system a perfect solution to the growing demand for a quick and efficient way of removing large volumes of rainwater from roofs and discharging it in a controlled manner.

Central to the system is the Terrain HydroMax roof drain which is designed to prevent air from entering the system and also resist blockages by large objects like leaves and other debris.

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