Lindab’s new smart tools

The launch of new Lindab Smart Tools introduces a whole family of products designed to cuts costs and boost efficiency and safety in the ductwork industry.

They are the first ever tools and accessories to be purpose designed for measuring, cutting and handling circular ductwork on site. Together they can make the operative’s life easier, and safer, while also making an invaluable contribution to a better ductwork system.

With designer and contractors under pressure to achieve lower and lower energy systems, demand for more tightly sealed ductwork has risen sharply. By helping to achieve greater accuracy, Lindab Smart Tools can play an important role in reducing air leakage.

The Lindab SR Cutter is already a star in its own right. In the words of one leading ductwork contractor: “These versatile, portable benches make cutting ductwork faster and more accurate – and they’re much easier on the operator. Above all they improve on-site safety to a point at which there’s no need for a risk assessment of the cutting procedures.”

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