Lighting monitoring device launched to calculate potential for energy savings

Steinel (UK) Ltd, the market leader in lighting sensor technology, is launching the PROLog lighting and occupancy measurement device, which provides an innovative way to calculate the potential for energy savings if presence detectors were installed.

The PROLog device can be positioned easily and unobtrusively below the ceiling at various points within a building. It records in minute detail the actual usage of lighting over a month-long period. Notably, this includes instances where lighting is left on unnecessarily and energy is wasted.

The PROLog software then configures the data to provide a highly-accurate projection of the total energy savings that will be accrued over one, three or ten years, if presence detectors are installed. This takes the guesswork out of planning an installation of sensor-controlled lighting.

Peter Lawrence, General Manager, Steinel (UK) Ltd, comments: “Sensor-controlled lighting that only switches on when people are detected in the room can lead to huge energy savings that dramatically reduce an organisation’s financial outlay on electricity and cut its carbon footprint. However, Steinel recognises that organisations are not content to merely guesstimate these savings when assessing the payback period on presence detectors.”

He adds: “Steinel is launching the innovative PROLog measurement device because we want our customers to be fully confident of how much energy they could save before committing to an installation of sensor-controlled lighting. PROLog offers customers a simple, low-risk way to accurately monitor and evaluate just how much electricity they are using – and wasting – on lighting.”

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