Lighting is strips ahead

Further expanding the creative potential of LED strips, Collingwood Lighting has introduced two new product offerings to its extensive portfolio of LED lighting solutions. Quickly installed with minimum fuss, Easy Strip and Superior Strip are perfect for a wide range of applications.

Many LED strips are sold in pre-cut lengths, but in order to maximise the scope for installation both the Easy and Superior Strips, subject to quantity, can be supplied on a reel – thus enabling the product to be cut to the required length on site. 

With multiple cut points every 100mm, they offer a flexible solution for all sorts of installations – from small-scale applications where only a few LEDs are needed, to larger features where a continuous strip is required over an extended distance.

In addition, both products are supplied with a self-adhesive backing, which simplifies the installation process by enabling them to be quickly applied to a number of surfaces.   With a foil backing to improve heat dissipation, these flexible LED strips are perfect for both domestic and commercial settings.

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