Lighting control solution

Numerous companies are now specifying a KNX system, but when global financial services firm, UBS, took space in Broadgate West and discovered the Lightrak KNX lighting control system from Electrak (part of the Legrand Group) was already installed, it made tailoring the space to their needs a lot easier.

Lightrak KNX is designed to provide seamless interoperability with any KNX building control modules which can be added to the system on a simple plug and play basis. Any trained integrator can then integrate them by plugging in a laptop anywhere on the system.

This interoperability was a big benefit to UBS who not only had their own specifications when they opted to take space at Broadgate West, but were also aware that they would inevitably require reconfiguration of their space during their tenancy. The use of Lightrak KNX lighting controls has not only delivered an efficient lighting system but made both small changes in lighting configuration and bigger changes such as the addition of new controls, quick and easy.

At Broadgate West, the Lightrak KNX lighting control system installed as part of the Cat A fit out was designed to include presence detectors on all eleven floors. This ensured that lights were switched on automatically when the building was occupied but that energy would never be wasted by lights being left on unintentionally out of hours. Following UBS’s requirements, this Cat A system was quickly and easily modified to include manual switching, timed event controls and dimming/scene setting. The advantage of a KNX-based system such as Lightrak is that modifications are quick and simple, making the tailoring of a building to a specific occupier’s needs fast and trouble-free.

Lightrak’s ease of use is thanks to the plug and play nature of KNX products and the ETS (Engineering Software Tool) used to programme them. The lighting control system in the building was installed using Electrak’s buscom trunking, a busbar hybrid with power plus a separate integral communications bus. Lighting control components were then simply clipped on and plugged in along the trunking and configured.   

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