Lighting control from Ex-Or

Operators of high-ceilinged distribution and storage facilities can now take advantage of energy and cost-saving lighting control from Ex-Or, the Honeywell owned lighting management specialist.

Ex-Or is launching its HighBay LightSpot, a presence detection system specially designed to eliminate unnecessary use of lighting in buildings with ceiling heights of between 8 and 14 metres.

The development of HighBay means that Ex-Or now offers the UK’s widest range of energy and cost-saving lighting controls and managed lighting systems for all types of commercial buildings.

Depending on the specific usage patterns in a storage facility, lighting energy cost savings of as much as 80% can be achieved as a result of the installation of the Ex-Or HighBay LightSpot.  Payback – the period of time it takes for the system to pay for itself thanks to the resulting energy cost savings – would, in this instance, be less than a year – with the Ex-Or system continuing to deliver energy cost savings over the life of the building.

Like all LightSpot systems, HighBay employs presence detection technology which enables the lighting to respond to any movement that occurs.

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