Life-saving control

MK Electric has added dimmers suitable for use with dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) to its Logic Plus range. A response to changes in European legislation regarding lamps, the dimmers are primarily intended for use in domestic environments; but will similarly perform in small offices and commercial buildings.

The ability to dim CFLs not only provides the user with additional lighting flexibility within the home; but also assists in prolonging lamp life. MK claims that the dimmer is suitable for use with dimmable CFLs from a wide range of well-known manufacturers.

The company has also exploited commercial research that shows that dimmable CFLs should be initially switched on at maximum brightness in order to ensure optimum lamp life. Consequently, the new MK K1525 WHI dimmer has an integral function which causes the lamp to be switched on at its full rating and then dim down to the pre-set level after warm up.

The immensely popular Logic Plus range is designed to complement contemporary interiors and is probably the largest selection of wiring accessories available in any single range on the market today.

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