LG’S new generation of VRF

The Multi V III is LG’s latest range of VRF air conditioning products designed for commercial buildings, office complexes and large retail outlets. LG’s Multi V III offers three key benefits; higher energy efficiency, larger capacity and longer piping lengths. The Multi V III is expected to be a key player in the UK VRF market.

This third generation of LG’s popular Multi V series is being introduced at a time where there is an increasing market demand for energy saving technology.

LG’s Multi V III is designed to help building owners and estates managers reduce operational costs, be environmentally friendly and provide reliable heat in cold regions. MULTI V III uses various low noise technologies to minimise operation noise, namely a compressor with BLDC motors, low noise fan motors and a newly developed shroud shape.

Energy efficiency is boosted by LG’s BLDC V-Scroll inverter compressor with High Pressure Oil Return technology, (HiPOR) superseding the previous model’s AC motor. HiPOR delivers a COP of 4.58 for heating and 4.27 for cooling, an improvement of 11% and 25% respectively, one of the highest in the industry.


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