LG puts the record straight

LG is now offering a CPD-accredited presentation to highlight the main points of VRF design. The presentation was first given at the London HEVAR show and the M & E Show at Olympia where it generated a huge amount of interest and a whole range of questions.

Being CPD-accredited this presentation is generic and applies to all VRF systems on the market.


A badly designed VRF system can reduce the efficiency by up to 50% so getting the design right is of paramount importance. LG’s new Multi V 2 range of VRF equipment has super high COPs (coefficient of performance) and EERs (energy efficiency ratio) and a comprehensive range of indoor units and controls but if the system is not designed and installed properly all these benefits can go by the board.


If the system is correctly designed and installed, running costs can be reduced drastically. LG also explains why efficiency is affected and what can be done to get it back on track.

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